Sunday, May 21, 2017

Andre Agassi to coach Novak Djokovic - FO 2017

The rumour mills were not for nothing. Djokovic players box at the French Open 2017 will have the legendary Andre Agassi as his coach, at least for a certain duration.

As of now, there is no long term announcement as both would want to test the waters around their compatibility, interests and results at the French major. It's been one year since Djokovic has won anything significant and meanwhile has done away with his entire coaching staff. There have been criticism around Djokovic's attitude and hunger with Pepe Imaz around him instead of Boris Becker. This decision however, reasserts that he has the will to get back again to the top of the game. Watching his senior colleagues Roger & Rafa scooping the trophies in 2017 might have hurt as well. Yet, this is just a very first step in a long road, with lots of if's.

P.S. - Djoker Nole just lost to Next Gen poster boy Alexander Zverev in straight sets at Rome 2017.

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