Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why Nick Kyrgios needs a special mention?

Nick Kyrgios. Tennis player. Doesn't ring a bell? 

Well he's just 19 yr old teenager from Canberra, Australia who has got a wildcard from the All England Club to play at Wimbledon 2014. And in what way he has put that wildcard to use?

As of now, he is involved in a gruelling fight with one of the all time greats Mr. Nadal on a jam packed Centre Court of Wimbledon. He'll most likely lose this fight since Rafa Nadal has made a name in tennis burying challengers. Yet, Nick Kyrgios has already won hearts of fans and pundits alike.

He won the first set over Nadal and lost the second. It'll most likely be over in four sets with his loss. Still looks like the Australian teenager is here to stay. Let's just look at a few things why he can be the future of Men's tennis.
  • He's got this bullet of a serve using which he has piled over 20 aces on Rafa in the first two sets. Fast, accurate and consistent. The second serve also matches up to the reputation. Big Serve! Yes, we have heard that before - Isner, Raonic, Karlovic. So what?
  • The forehand has a lot of fire power when hit with abandon, as he usually does.
  • The backhand is more consistent and solid shot for Kyrgios and he can do some damage from that front as well.
  • The court movement is remarkable, even more considering he is 6 ft 4 inches.
  • However, the greatest asset is his attitude. That's what makes a Champion a mere talented player and vice versa. He seem to thrive under pressure, in front of a large audience to showcase some of his talents. For instance, he doesn't seem to belt under the overwhelming presence of Nadal on the other side at the Wimbledon Centre Court; his first. He shows his frustration, but moves on before the next point. And above all, he believes he can go toe to toe with the top guys.
Despite all that - as John McEnroe mentioned, "he's a work in progress". He may not start winning them all at once. He is still lean, he'll gain muscle. It's hard to believe how his serve can still improve! His forehand will get a lot more lethal and accurate; the backhand more venomous. And he might just learn to volley a little bit too. For now, lasting for 5 tough sets would be tough for him but he'll learn to do that with a few more years. Over and above the skill, he's also a delight to watch. Plays quick, energizes the crowd and has a tough mental forte at just 19. 

If he stays fit the tennis world is going to talk a lot about him, beginning with Rafael Nadal in today's post match conference. Nick Kyrgios is one for the future!

Edit: Nick isn't going down to Rafa in four at least. Will he in five?

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