Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wimbledon '13: The Grand Finale!

It's time for the Men's Singles final at the Weirdest Wimbledon/Grand Slam we have seen in a while. Yet, the weirdness ends here. It's the top two seeds fighting for the right to hold the trophy. The final, does not have a Federer or Nadal in the final but it only shows that in current form Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are better than them and rightly hold the top rankings.

What to expect on Sunday? It's very very difficult to choose between these two. Nole and Muzz, as they are fondly called, are not just close in the rankings but similar in so many other aspects. They are separated by only a week in birth; they are both extremely extremely fit; they both have very similar styles of play; both like to stay at the back of the court and hit the ball hard, retrieve every ball, quickly turning defence to offence; they both practically have no 'weak spot' in the game; they have been playing each other since the age of 11 in Juniors knowing each others game like their own; they will both have their lovely girlfriends cheering up from their respective boxes, tense as ever; they have had some epic contests in the past on all surfaces - their matches almost always going the distance.... let me stop at this...phew!

In their Juniors, Murray was the one who started dominating earlier. As they turned pro, Djokovic handled the transition better and won his first Grand Slam 4 years before Murray. But now, Murray too has won one of his own at the US Open last year. Also, this late blooming of Murray can also be attributed to the humongous pressure and expectations he was under from a entire Great Britain. Andy has that monkey off his back now and he'll be playing freely with almost all of the crowd support behind him today. Novak sure is seasoned in these kind of moments, already having six Grand Slam singles titles under his belt and he won't be easy to put away at all.

Expecting all the possible celebs and royals today again at the Centre Court Royal Box; we're certain to have a long long match. Five sets maybe, but nonetheless lengthy in nature. I believe, for the first time in a Grand Slam encounter Nole and Muzz are on an equal footing in the combination of things. The only difference of GS titles 6 to 1 is nullified by the excessive crowd support and the fact that Muzz has his first by beating Nole and an Olympic Gold beating Federer. So, now he also knows how to do it.

A definite action packed match is on the cards, no matter who wins it. A few crucial points are going to make all the difference in the world. I don't want to make a pick on this one; it's so bloody damn close from how i see it. Yet, however difficult i may find it to bet against the ever consistent World No.1....maybe just, it's time for Britain to be happy! 

Pick: Murray in Five!

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