Thursday, May 31, 2012

We Love Tennis

Since this is my first writing here, i intend to keep it as short as possible. Talking about Tennis if i say, this season has been and will be very's the most cliched we have heard. But as a tennis fan, we know that's how we feel to be actually true for every season, thanks to our passion for the game.
Still, compared to 2011 the season has not been so much lopsided in the favor of Novak Djokovic which adds to the excitement of the game. Rafael Nadal has found his confidence again (at least partially on clay)against the mighty Djokovic and the French Open result could be even more decisive in this regard. The eldest of the lot but the most legendary till now, the Great Roger Federer has proved time and again that he can never be considered out of any equation. He has been and still is a very potent threat to anybody (Djokovic would attest from 2011 French Open Semi) and his run since last US Open has been impressive. However, for almost an year now it's only Novak who has been lifting the Grand Slams and the other two of the Big Three would like to change that. Roger & Rafa are not the guys to settle for anything less. 
Talking about the rest, they are still far. Murray, Tsonga, Ferrer and Del Potro again can beat anybody on a given day but to do it for 7 consecutive matches in the best of five is a bit too much to ask for as of now. Though i am sure Tennis as a game would hugely benefit from any of them achieving a Grand Slam feat (Del Po of course repeating). At the same time, we are also awaiting the emergence of great new talents and potentials who can threaten to break through the 'triopoly' in the years to come.
In all, we expect a lot and the curiosity is high and whatever happens we will always remain the ardent Tennis fans - always watching, analyzing, biasing, feeling the highs and lows but never going away. Happy Tennis....!!!

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